When the internets made me cry

I have this disease where I compare myself to anyone I come across who does or has or is something that I want to do have or be. Like there is a race, or a board game where everyone has to be awesome and I’m sussing the competition and being like “dude. No way. They have this in the bag”. Gah. So very year 11.

I just looked at this blog called THXTHXTHX, and it is lovely and it is the kind of idea I wish I’d had. It is this girl Leah and she writes a thank you note a day to things like Anything I Eat After Surfing and Request For Me To Cut Your Hair. It is funny and sweet and honest and I like it a lot, but immediately I thought “damn. She’s done it. She’s better than me” and I actually got a little teary about it.


The thing is, I actually have a blog of my own, about daily things I’m grateful for/happy about, but what my brain did when looking at her blog was to think that her way of being grateful is somehow more hip and edgy than mine. Because a blogs hipster cred is obviously the most important issue here. I’m such a douche sometimes.

I think though, that the reason I got teary was (at least partially) that a. I cry with relative expedience at all manner of things and b. I am so glad that the world is populated by women and men who see the beauty and the excellence around them and want to celebrate that. This is brave and good and makes me a little emo.

And I am now going to endeavour to grip hold of my individuality as something to be proud of, not mourned, and others creativity as an exciting expression of Good Stuff. Ok? Ok.

That’s all, I reckon. But check out her blog, and celebrate with me the wonder of humanity and of thank you notes.


5 thoughts on “When the internets made me cry

  1. ALSO! I kept forgetting to write that I loved that song you posted by Beirut – had never heard it before but played it on repeat almost all of Monday and Tuesday in my ears at work. Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome! Did I post that on my other blog? You read both?! Honoured am I.

    And thanks for the encouragement, though I don’t think mine is better, probably just a different thing.

  3. You are right, THXTHXTHX is a great site. Nonetheless, write for yourself and don’t worry about others!

    Your entries on “things I am average at” are just as awesome 🙂

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