A little post-ordination note

Hey ya’ll. 
I’ve been putting off doing this because I had an idea of writing a big thing that really did the other day justice but I was really overwhelmed and then a bit busy and I’m just going to do this: 

I was ordained just over a week ago. It was the culmination of 3 years of study, and five of dreaming, praying and planning, and the beginning of many more. It was beautiful. I was surrounded by the faces of so many that I love, from so many parts of my life and places both near and far. It was a profound and holy occasion and I honestly don’t have words enough to express how thankful, humbled, honored I am by the calling I have received, by the life I get to live now, by the love I have been shown. Sorry if this sounds super naff.

I’m so so SO grateful to all who came, particularly from far away. I’m so excited and not a little daunted by the privilege it is to be in my position. Thanks everyone for the love and prayers and fly dance moves and words of support. You all are very invited to come visit me in my weirdly large house. 
xxx, Rev. Nunn

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