have you ever wanted to start a zine and call it auld lang zine? No? Me neither.

Knowledge dropped by the dearly departed 2010

Shimmery shiny vintage skirts are fun but not so much when you’re trying to hobble down a street or over a bridge whilst plastering said skirt to your legs in gale force winds so as to not expose granny knickers to passers by

Breaking upĀ is hard to do

Definitely is spelt definitely not definately

Eating without thought for the future results in a fatty fat fat of catastrophic proportions

Steve Jobs started as a game designer for Atari

I can be a selfish A-hole

Apparently accidental plagiarism counts as plagerism

Apparently plagiarism is a big deal. Who knew.

The internet is a harsh mistress… Bitch.

There are SO MANY BANDS that are amazing

I can get good jobs

People are capable of committing acts of both astonishing horror and grace

Taking a picture a day can be frustrating when one is forgetful

Wonderful people can do shitty things

The negligible amount of alcohol it takes to make me a little floppy has actually decreased, making me the cheapest drunk of all time

Taking a picture a day helps render one more easily distracted by trees, flowers, colours, bricks and the like

I think about my hair a lot

The mexican burrito from Vegiebar is not an endeavour to be undertaken lightly. No sir.

I am capable of internal histrionics that would make Oscar Wilde blush

My friends are wholly marvellous

How I Met Your Mother = Excellence

Cardboard will get you. It will GET you.

One cannot stop getting crushes on boys by simply deciding to no longer get crushes on boys

Cynicism is the easy way out

Life is worth the living

Happy 2011 dudes.

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