Remember.. ember…ember.. ember..

I will now put together my first  “look at the day I had” post. Inspired by my mate Soph‘, who seems to plan and carry out adventures so readily it would make Tom Sawyer say “Geez. Calm down. Don’t you just want to watch some Desperate Housewives?”.

As documented in my most gloatie blerg ever, I threw together a last minute dinner party for my house mate and friend Kate for her birthday. It was great. AND I remembered to take many photos. Aren’t you lucky?

I baked! From scratch! Ok. It was a packet mix.  I can’t lie to you internet.

And made a mess. Please to ignore the spray cleaner sitting quite close to food.

Cooked haloumi! For the salad!

The rest of the scrummy salad.

Cupcakes worked, despite sabotage efforts from our mental oven.

Iced and written on..

Kate is Great!

Dips and bread, teeny little sandwiches, teddy bear biscuits, lentil and haloumi salad and chocolate cupcakes. Mmmm, hmmmm. And of course a couple of hats.

And Rhi-Rhi cooked lamb. Huhmazing..

We wait patiently for Kate to come.. Gareth totally rocking my lavender cowboy hat.

waiting and drinking..

waiting and smiling..

Yay! The reason for that hats is here!


indeed, olive tree. Indeed.

Well that’s the end of that memory crafting, but hopefully there’ll be many more to come. Thanks for being born Katie!

2 thoughts on “Remember.. ember…ember.. ember..

  1. Yay! This looks fabbo and that salad looks ahhhhmazing! Thanks for the nice words lovely lady *BEAM* Gosh if I could remember to photograph alll the adventures we have, the internet would be like “shut up woman no one cares!” xsx

  2. Ha! Of course people care! Your adventures are inspiring. Fo’ seezy, if you haven’t tried this, do it now:
    cherry tomatoes,
    lemon juice.


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