I was chucking together the fun little entry about the dinner party we had on Sunday, but truthfully, what I want to write is this:

My friend Brook just died. He was my supervisor at my old job, but he was also my friend, as I’m sure most people who worked with him would say. I hadn’t seen him in over a year, but still I look over at the books he lent to me that I was never able to return, or I think of a man so full of life and so ready to laugh being sick, and suffering, and dying and I feel just, confusion beyond words and also full up of sadness.

Brook was one of the better men I’ve ever had the joy of knowing. He made anyone that met him feel at home, and not only that but they felt cared for. He loved people and he loved women particularly. But the respect within this man. He talked to any woman like she was the loveliest, most interesting woman he’d ever met. He told me he felt it was his calling in life to make women feel like they were the only person in the room. Like they were loved. And he did it well.

He made work not just bearable, but fun. Funny, hilarious dude. He dug music, I’m fairly certain he was kind of a big deal in the Oz music scene once upon a time. He had the speaking voice of a radio god and he will certainly be missed, and I just feel sad because a great man’s life has ended and that makes my life a little less shiny right now and the world a little bit less wonderful.

Brook, you were lovely and loved, and I thank you for everything. My prayers are with your family.

Please if you’ve never read it, do yourself a favour and pay tribute to Brook by reading I heard the Owl Call my Name. He told me I should read it and he was right.

Also, cancer is totally shit and it took another man of dignity and grace so another way to pay tribute to Brook and to those who I’m sure you know have come into contact with it, would be to donate, if you can.


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