An Undertaking.

I had an idea.

I think it’s a good one. I think it’s one I want to actually…do.

This is the post where I tell you about it.

I’m struggling with a name though..

The Idea


Shit I want to do.


Anyway, the idea. I want to make a list,

The List!


a list, inspired by my 29th year (approaching with velociraptor like speed) and by stuff I think I should pull off before the big 3 0 arrives.

Soon I will be a Grown Up these are things that Grown Ups do and I’m going to do them so they let me in


This inspires a great deal of thought.

Who gives a toss? Is one such thought.

Does 30 actually matter? Is another.

The facts are these:

1. I am aging

2. This frequently scares the crap out of me and inspires vacuums of self doubt

3. I need tangible reasons to write regularly or this blog will go the way of my knitting spat

So this is what will happen. I will make a list, to be finalised closer to my birthday. I will consult people older and younger than me as to what I should put on the list as well as about their views on aging. I will blog about each item on the list and I will blog weekly for the length of a year, starting at 29, ending at 30. I will, of course, have a neat and well timed epiphany to close the year with about the nature of age and maturity etc.

The list as it stands currently:

Start dancing lessons

Catch a Barrumundi

Bake a Pie

Start learning French

Save money

Read all my books

Watch less tv

Take more chances

Give one night a week to writing

Walk daily

Adjust to who I am

Be comfortable around new people

Sing more frequently

Take more photos

Judge less

Do not use cynicism as a crutch

Throw out one thing a month

Buy clothing and footwear only from vintage/recycled shops where possible

Understand what it means to grow up

Eat at this allegedly fantastic Japanese place my mate Brad went mental over

Make my blog look a bit nicer

Knit something


5 thoughts on “An Undertaking.

  1. Love the idea. 30 is quite something. Its funny how we keep saying, I am almost an adult. technically that happened a long time ago – but we keep putting it off til next year.

    Some more for your list:

    Send a postcard/bracelet to a foreign person! You can send one to me 🙂

    Start getting to know your family tree or write a story about your grandparents (there are always exciting stories that they are willing to share)

  2. Excellent! I DIG the postcard one as I am an avid postcard enthusiast and collector. Maybe just collector.

    I only have one grandparent, and she’s interstate, but I will do my utmost, as spending more time with her should be on the list anyway.

    Thanks a lot, you are both helpful and encouraging.

    Also, thanks for reading both of you!

  3. Everyone I know lives in Adelaide! If he ever needs any sort of tips about fun etc, hit me up.

    And of course I want a postcard from South Africa, who wouldn’t?!

    Yay! also likewise in regards to postcard sending, I have a huge stack not doing anything.

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