Tastes like ageing

Today was my birthday.

All day.

I awoke to find an enchanting flock of origami cranes hanging from the dining room ceiling. Nearby, a paper elephant and peacock offered me birthday messages.

Chatty paper birthday origami

I had breakfast with friends and the dude at the cafe gave me a birthday slice of tart for freesies.

I did some birthday study and was obviously channelling birthday wizard power ’cause I totally kicked an essays ass. I then went birthday op shopping and scored some birthday bargains. Then I came home to find birthday flowers and birthday tea!

Birthday flowers on not so birthday tv

Terrible birthday pop music was played, enjoyed and danced to. I went for a birthday walk and felt the birthday sun warm my cheeks as it touched the petals of nearby birthday roses.

Birthday Sunset

At home, Kate (she of the mad hatters dinner party and also the one responsible for the paper menagerie) cooked me a birthday dinner of birthday basa,

birthday fish

and a birthday cake.

birthday cake..

and birthday Kate.

I have had a birthday whistle in my nose for the last little while, but feel it ads to the festive tone of the day.

birthday me.

I’m reasonably birthday sleepy now. I will sleep soon, which is birthday wonderful.

birthday brie and birthday unicorn

Oh and because it is my 29th birthday I am posting my list of shit I’ve got to do before I’m 30, entitled: The Art of (my) Gentle Revolution tonight.  Stay tuned for action packed list crossie offie posts.

Rest easy tonight, interwebs, squooshy and comfortable in the bosom of the knowledge that I had a kick ass day and am for the first time in a long while, looking forward to my age.

Peace out.

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