I am a ninja

So I haven’t written much in a little while*, which I know has left my one and a half readers just out of  their minds with worry and withdrawal induced skin picking, but I’ve been busy. Mainly busy with a shite-load of assignments, but also with being

incredibly stealthy and awesome.

Let me tell you a story.

Weekend before last I thought I’d pop over to Adelaide (side bar to state that this is a smallish big deal, as I live in Melbourne and don’t see my friends and fam as much as a good ninja should). So I did. My aim? Surprise the hell out of BOTH my mum and my mate Caz.

Two surprises in one weekend, Carlynne? Surely you jest! No. I don’t.

It took all of my powers of long distance stealth (and a lot of assistance from my ninja cohorts Ms Oz and also my fam who conspire like it ain’t no thang) but I managed to hook it up. My mums took place at my bro’s house where the poor dear was coming to “babysit” straight from work.

She came in to find all of us in there including me and she flat out lost her shit. It was fantastic.

I did Caz’s a little on the fly as a last minute gig (Freakin Clare Bowditch man) came up that NCH (Ninja CoHort) Ms Oz wangled free tickets for (Ms Oz’s band Cheer Advisory Council supported-they wail). Surprise numero two-oh went down in a pub toilet, as all decent ninja activity should. Caz was thrilled (as well as obviously amazed at my ninja-ness) and it was brilliant.

So I had a rockin weekend, psyched that my two Epic Captain Magic Stunts had come off without a hitch. Ninja retired.

But. Little did I know that I would need my super powers once again for an

Epic Captain Magic Hosted Dinner Party

in my driveway that I discovered -by way of a vision- I needed to host.

Firstly, my housemate Kate is both awesome and alive, being that she was born a little over 29 years ago now and has managed to stay… born.

Secondly, I recently read Don Millers A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and became quite enamoured of it (as well as of Don but that’s fairly old news). He talks about our lives being like stories and how if we want memorable moments, maybe we need to make some. I wanted to “make a moment” for someone and I thought “why not for Kate’s birthday, why not in the driveway, why not hats and a dinner party in the driveway for Kate’s birthday”. Bam.

So I gots some crew together, recruited some more NCH’s to lure Kate from the scene (not leaving me with a whole lot of time, but a ninja takes what she is given) and prepared a sort of Mad Hatters Feast and Kate, Kate had no idea a party where she would wear a feathered headdress awaited her in the front of her house when she got home. If you don’t mind me saying, it was totally boss. Yeah.

That’s all for the minute. I’m just going to quietly melt into the night now.

ps post to follow detailing the “moment” I made with my ninja carpentry skills. This particular post was just showin off. Yay!

*I wrote this entry mostly before I wrote the entry about Brook. I think Brook would have liked me being a ninja, so I republished it after, so things don’t seem so gloomy.